Crispy Classics: Patates Tiganites – Authentic Greek-Style Fried Potatoes Recipe

 Patates tiganites is the name of the traditional Greek-style fried potatoes. Patates tiganites are crispy outside and soft inside.  What makes these fried potatoes different from any other kind, is that you use Greek olive oil to fry them. This alone makes them tastier. So, be careful not to get carried away by eating too many! You can serve patates tiganites as a side dish to almost every Greek food. But, my mother's patates tiganites are so delicious that eat them as the main dish. Of course, with some feta cheese aside and Greek horiatiki salad

To make patates tiganites you need the following ingredients: potatoes, Greek olive oil. salt, and oregano (optional). Make sure when you heat the oil that it must be hot but not smoking. You will know that oil is ready if you place your hand above the frying pan and feel the heat. Another way is to put a cut potato in the hot oil. If the potato floats and starts sizzling, the oil is ready. 

As I said before make sure that you are using Greek olive oil. Olive oil, due to its composition, does not oxidize as much as other frying oils. As a result, it can withstand very high frying temperatures (above 180° C). 

This patates tiganites recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare and around 30 minutes to cook. It serves 4 people.

Patates Tiganites: Traditional Greek-Style Fried Potatoes Recipe

Patates Tiganites - Ingredients

  • 8 small potatoes (about 2 small potatoes per person)
  • Greek olive oil
  • Salt
  • Oregano (optional)

Patates Tiganites - How to Make

  • Start this traditional Greek-style fried potatoes recipe by peeling and washing the potatoes.
  • Cut the potatoes into at least 1 cm thick slices or into sticks. 
  • Place them in a bowl with cold water until the olive oil is heated.
  • Heat the olive oil (which should be enough to cover the potatoes) over medium-high temperature. 
  • Drain potatoes in a strainer and add salt. 
  • Put potatoes gradually in the frying pan making sure they are covered by the oil. 
  • Don’t stir before 5 minutes have passed and then stir occasionally until the desired color.
  • Add extra salt on top and sprinkle them with some oregano (optional).
  • Place them on a plate covered with some oil-absorbent paper for a couple of minutes.
  • Serve while the fried potatoes are still hot.

 Patates tiganites have no cholesterol and are very low in sugar. However, 100 g of Greek fried potatoes gives around 300 calories. Enjoy!