Savor the Essence of Greece with the Iconic Greek Village Salad (Horiatiki Salad)

 Close your eyes and transport yourself to the enchanting cobblestone streets of a serene Greek village. Feel the warm Mediterranean sun on your skin as you embark on a culinary journey that embodies the heart of Greece. At the center of this gastronomic adventure is the beloved Greek village salad, famously known as "horiatiki."

Horiatiki is more than just a salad; it's a tribute to Greece's rich cultural and culinary heritage. This simple yet delightful dish pays homage to the abundance of fresh and wholesome ingredients that flourish in the region, earning it a cherished place on dining tables throughout Greece.

One of the hallmarks of the Greek village salad is its harmonious blend of vibrant and crisp ingredients that reflect the bounties of the land and sea. Traditional components include:

  • Tomatoes: Bursting with flavor and antioxidants, tomatoes form the base of the salad, providing a juicy and refreshing element.
  • Cucumbers: Cool and hydrating, cucumbers add a satisfying crunch to the salad, while also offering vitamins and minerals.
  • Red Onions: With their mild yet zesty flavor, red onions contribute a touch of tanginess and a pop of color.
  • Kalamata Olives: These rich, dark olives provide a burst of umami and a hint of saltiness that complements the other ingredients.
  • Feta Cheese: Creamy and tangy feta cheese is the crowning glory of the Greek Village Salad, imparting richness and depth to every bite.
  • Olive Oil and Oregano: A drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano tie the flavors together, enhancing the salad's Mediterranean essence.
Creating an authentic horiatiki is a joyous and straightforward endeavor that celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Our healthy Greek horiatiki salad recipe takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and serves four. Should you have any leftovers, you can refrigerate and enjoy them another day by covering the salad, ensuring it retains its delightful freshness.

horiatiki salad

Horiatiki Salad - Ingredients

  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 green pepper
  • 3-4 tablespoons of Greek oil olive
  • 10 Greek black olives (optional)
  • 150-200 grams of Greek feta cheese
  • ½ red onion
  • 1 teaspoon of dried oregano
  • Salt

Horiatiki Salad - How to Make

  1. Start this horiatiki Greek village salad recipe by carefully cleaning your vegetables with fresh water.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into wedges.
  3. Unpeel the cucumber and cut it in rounds.
  4. Cut the onion into wedges.
  5. Cut the green pepper into wedges.
  6. Take a large deep bowl. Mix tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper, and feta cheese.
  7. Add olives (optional). You may remove the pits from the olives. This is not actually necessary although you would see a lot of Greek salad recipes suggesting you need to do it. To be honest I don’t remove the pits from the olives.
  8. Add oil olive.
  9. Sprinkle with oregano.
  10. Put some salt but be careful as the original Greek feta cheese is quite salty.
  11. Once you place all the materials, mix them again.
  12. Taste to see if more salt is needed. Add to taste. Mix again.
  13. Serve.
The Greek Village Salad is more than just a culinary masterpiece; it's a celebration of the Mediterranean way of life, where simplicity and quality ingredients reign supreme. With its tantalizing flavors and vibrant colors, this salad embodies the essence of Greece's rich cultural tapestry. 

Whether you're looking to savor a taste of the Mediterranean or transport your taste buds to a charming Greek village, the Greek village salad promises a culinary experience that is both refreshing and unforgettable. Embrace the flavors of Greece and embark on a journey of taste and tradition with every bite. If you enjoyed this authentic horiatiki salad, you should try this maroulosalata recipe. Enjoy!