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Kotopoulo sto Fourno: A Traditional Greek Baked Chicken Recipe

There are some dishes that just remind me of my childhood. It takes you to grow old to understand how great it was when you were a kid. Today, I felt a lit bit nostalgic and I decided to make baked Greek chicken with lemon potatoes (kotopoulo sto fourno me patates).

Kotopoulo sto fourno happens to be one of my favorite dishes. You see, when I was a kid, my mom used to cook this traditional Greek food almost every second Sunday! I am pretty sure that every Greek family did the same! And continues to do so.

When I grew up and started cooking for my family, I discovered that this baked chicken recipe is quite healthy and easy. This kotopoulo sto fourno recipe will take you around two hours to prepare and cook. Ideal for any special occasion or not, this dish will bring Greece to your table! To bring more Greece to your table, I suggest you eat this dish with a Greek salad! If you don’t have to make this recipe, don’t forget to taste kotopoulo sto fourno at any Greek restaurant or when you visit Greece!

Kotopoulo sto fourno

Kotopoulo sto Fourno – Ingredients

  • One whole chicken
  • 4 to 5 medium-sized potatoes
  • ½ of water glass of fresh lemon juice
  • 4 to 5 dry garlic cloves
  • ¾ of water glass of Greek olive oil
  • 1/2 of a tablespoon of oregano, dried
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Water

Kotopoulo sto Fourno – Instructions

  • Start this kotopoulo sto fourno recipe by rinsing well the chicken under fresh water. Then, place it in the roasting pan.
  • Wash well potatoes, peel and cut them into medium pieces. Place them into the roasting pan.
  • Cut the garlic cloves into smaller pieces and place them between the potatoes and the chicken meat. This will add a nice flavor to both chicken and potatoes.
  • Pour the Greek olive oil.
  • Pour 2 glasses of water
  • Pour the lemon juice.
  • Add salt, pepper, and dried oregano.
  • Place it in the oven at 356°F (180°C) for around one and a half to two hours.
  • Check it out often and turn around the potatoes and the chicken.
  • Try it to see if more salt is needed before it is ready. Add to taste.
  • While cooking you may have to add some hot water so it is not dried out.
  • Serve right away.

If you enjoyed eating kotopoulo sto fourno, stay tuned for more traditional Greek food recipes!

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