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Kaseropita: A Traditional Kaseri Pie

Although I am addicted to tiropita, the traditional Greek feta cheese pie, I can never forget my childhood pie “love”, the one and only kaseropita (Greek: κασερόπιτα).

Kaseropita (or kasseropita) is one of the most delicious Greek cheese pies!
Its name is a combination of the words “kaseri” and “pita” which is the Greek word for pie. This pita is made mainly from kaseri, a medium-hard pale yellow cheese that is produced from sheep milk with very little goat’s milk mixed in.


To make a kaseropita you should use the following ingredients: phyllo dough, kaseri, graviera, fresh milk, eggs, Greek olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Having these memories, I decided to make a kaseropita to my kids. No surprise, they loved it! Unlike feta cheese which is salty, the combination of kaseri and graviera, adds a spicier flavor. Kaseropita is not just delicious. It is also extremely easy to make!

In reality, it is so easy to prepare that in Greece we call it the ‘kaseropita tis tembelas’ which means the kaseri pie of the lazy woman. But, do not let this trick you! This homemade and authentic pie fits perfectly on your table, anytime of the day for any occasion.

This kaseropita recipe takes around 20 minutes to prepare and one hour to cook.


Kaseropita – Ingredients

  • 450 g of phylo dough (around 10 pieces)
  • 500 ml of fresh milk
  • 400 g of kaseri, grated
  • 100 g of graviera, grated
  • 5 eggs
  • 50 ml of Greek olive oil
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

How to make – Instructions

  1. Start this authentic kaseropita recipe by taking a pot and adding 300 ml of milk. Boil over medium heat for 4-5 minutes until it starts to foam.
  2. Add the kaseri, graviera and the freshly ground pepper. Stir until the cheese is melted.
  3. Remove the pot from oven. Cover the cheese filling with a clean table towel in such a way that it covers the surface to prevent the cheese filling to form a thick skin.
  4. Allow it to cool down for around 5 minutes.
  5. Add three eggs and some salt. Stir well.
  6. Preheat oven to 170° C.
  7. Take a 36 cm diameter pan and brush its surface with some olive oil.
  8. Take five phyllo dough sheets and place them in the pan after each phyllo has been brushed with oil.
  9. Pour evenly the cheese filling and cover it with the remaining 5 phyllo dough after each phyllo has been brushed with oil again.
  10. Turn the edges of the phyllo dough inward, twisting it with your fingers to create a cord shape.
  11. Pour some olive oil over the surface of the pie and cut it deep into pieces. The knife should reach the middle of the pie.
  12. Take a bowl add two eggs, 200 ml of fresh milk, salt and pepper and beat well for around 2 minutes and pour it evenly over the pie. Let the pie to absorb it for around 10 minutes.
  13. Bake kaseropita for about 1 hour on the low shelf of the oven until it is browned but also well baked. You may need to cover the pie with some aluminum foil.
  14. Remove from oven and let allow the pie to cook down.
  15. Serve kaseropita when lukewarm.

You can serve kaseropita as a snack or an appetizer! Either way it is delicious. Enjoy!

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