Savor Greek Perfection: Homemade Tirokafteri (Htipiti) Dip Recipe

 Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Tirokafteri, the beloved Greek dip also known as "htipiti." This traditional delicacy combines the creamy richness of feta cheese, the smoky allure of roasted red peppers, and a symphony of seasonings including garlic, zesty lemon juice, and fragrant oregano. The name "htipiti" derives from the Greek word "htipito," reflecting the art of whipping or beating these ingredients into a velvety perfection.

Htipiti holds a special place in Greek cuisine as a cherished meze, a tantalizing appetizer perfect for scooping up with bread or pita. Its profile is a dance of flavors, with the feta cheese contributing a salty tang while the roasted red peppers add a delightful hint of sweetness and smokiness. This dip's simple yet remarkable taste makes it a versatile addition to any occasion, from laid-back gatherings to upscale affairs.

What's more, preparing this homemade tirokafteri is a breeze. In just 15 minutes, you can whip up a batch that serves four, ensuring that your table is graced with the delectable essence of Greek tradition. Don't miss the chance to savor this delightful Greek delicacy—try our Tirokafteri recipe today!


Tirokafteri - Ingredients

  • 100 g of feta cheese
  • 50 g of Greek cream cheese (anthotyro)
  • 50 g of Greek soft cheese (Kopanisti)
  • 1-2 small spicy papers
  • Greek olive oil
  • Vinegar

Tirokafteri - Ingredients

  • Start this traditional Greek dip recipe by grilling the peppers for a couple of minutes. 
  • Peel them off, remove the spores, and mince them. 
  • Place all cheeses into a blender, and add the Greek olive oil, the minced peppers, and some vinegar.
  • Blend until you get a homogeneous and soft mixture.
  • Cover the bowl and refrigerate the spread for a couple of hours until you serve.
  • You can top tirokafteri with some sweet paprika.  
This tangy feta dip is ideal if you are a vegetarian. In case there is a leftover, you can store tirokafteri in the fridge for around 5-6 days.