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Simos Beach: Paradise Found on Elafonisos

There are some places on earth that make you speechless. I recently visited such a place and I am sure I found a lost paradise on a small piece of land. In reality, I have found my personal paradise on Simos beach.

Simos Beach

A lost paradise found

At the edge of Laconia, the most southern part of the European mainland, between Kythira and  Peloponnese, right across Neapoli, there is an island named Elafonisos (Ελαφόνησος), which literally means the island of the deer.

This small island, forgotten by the gods, is far from the typical islands of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Its main city, although graphical, is different from the scenic Greek island horas. But, this does not matter at all. Elafonisos has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. Picturesque with a larger and a smaller gulf side by side, the name of this nature’s masterpiece is Simos.

I swam at the lovely dual Simos beach and this has been a life-changing experience for me. This absolute fabulous beach consists of Mikros and Megalos Simos (the small and big gulf).

Honestly, words just cannot describe my feelings when I saw this stunning aquamarine beach! I fact, I can say that I was literally lost in eternal Greek blue. The colors of the sky and the sea were stunning. Luckily enough, the wind blew at the right direction and the water flew like a melted blue precious crystal.

We got to the beach early in the morning and it was like swimming in a giant turquoise swimming pool. Actually, I didn’t even want to swim. I just wanted to dive into the warm waters and get lost in the absolute blue having the sun messaging my skin. It was warm, crystal clear, refreshing and therapeutic. It felt like the waves took away all my problems and drawn them into the deep blue Greek sea. And that was priceless.

Furthermore, the sea at Simos beach was very safe to swim as it is shallow for quite far. As a result, this makes it perfect for families and makes the beach even more relaxing! Later in the afternoon, we played with the waves. It was like an enormous natural spa with warm water hitting our bodies.

Simos beach is by far one of the greatest beaches I’ve ever visited! Moreover, in the middle of Megalos Simos, there were some nudists. In fact, I cannot imagine a better place to become one with nature.

Few tips if you are planning to visit Simos beach 

  1. Go to the beach early in the morning.
  2. You can get the ferry boat every half an hour from Neapoli.
  3. Apply plenty of sunscreen lotion even if you are in the shade. The sun reflexion, due to the sand hills, is strong.
  4. Wear a hat.
  5. There are shade umbrellas and chairs for a fee, but you can always have your own umbrella.
  6. You will walk to reach your destination (either Mikros or Megalos Simos), so I would suggest you wear comfortable shoes.
  7. Megalos Simos is near to a camping facility. This is a 5 t0 10 minutes walk from the beach.
  8. You can order food and drinks from the umbrella concession holders.
  9. Simos beach is popular in August.
  10. Sand quality is great in case you like to create on the sand.

Clean, white sand and a turquoise sea. What else could you ask from a beach? The days I spent on Elafonisos refilled my batteries. For the first time, after many years, being on holiday seemed so effortless. I came to consider that this is how life should be. Effortless. No surprise, I didn’t want to leave from this turquoise paradise.

Will I go again to Simos beach? You bet!

P.S. Elafonisos has two other great beaches. Sarakiniko and Panagitsa which is more accessible in relation to Simos beach!

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