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Pasteli Recipe: A Traditional Greek Sesame Seed Candy Recipe

Pasteli combines perfectly honey and sesame, two of my favorite ingredients! As a result, this Greek sesame seed candy is one of my favorite desserts! Moreover, it is healthy as this traditional sesame honey candy is rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron and will naturally boost your energy levels! To cook this hearty dessert you only need honey, sesame and sesame oil. Easy to prepare, this pasteli recipe requires 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to make.

The secret of the pasteli recipe lays on how much you boil the honey. In order to be sure that you have boiled honey enough, there is a secret. Take a spoon of the boiled honey and drip into a glass of cold water. If honey does not dissolve, this means that is ready. In the case of doubt, you can always boil the honey for a couple of extra minutes.

This delicious traditional pasteli recipe is for around 10 persons. I almost forgot! Pasteli is one of the healthiest and easiest sweets you can make for your family!

Pasteli Recipe

Pasteli Recipe – Ingredients

  • 650 g of honey
  • 650 g of sesame
  • 4 tablespoons of sesame oil or seed oil of good quality

Pasteli Recipe – Instructions

  1. Start this pasteli recipe by taking a baking pan and evenly spreading the sesame. Then, bake at 347°F until sesame is lightly roasted.
  2. Take a large pot and add the honey and bring to boil over medium temperature for around 10-15 minutes while skimming it.
  3. Add the roasted sesame and stir with a wooden spoon until big bubbles are created.
  4. Take a baking pan and cover it with the sesame oil. Empty the mixture into it.
  5. Use a wet rolling pin to make it as thick as you want.
  6. Allow it to down a little bit and with a knife cut it into pieces according to your taste. and let it cool in room temperature.
  7. Let it cool in room temperature in order to become more stable.
  8. Separate the pieces.

I hope you like this sesame seed candy! Stay tuned for more easy Greek dessert recipes. Enjoy!

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